Web Hosting

Hosting Account Features

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All Lab 99 Web Design hosting accounts include the following features as standard:


  • an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes;
  • email to your website can be forwarded to any other email address;
  • web mail allows you access to your email from anywhere in the world;
  • incoming emails have anti–virus protection;
  • you can set automatic responses to incoming emails;


  • you can discover how many visitors your site has had;
  • you can discover where your visitors come from;
  • you can discover which pages on your website attract the most visitors;
  • you can monitor trends and the activity of search engines;


  • protect areas of your website with passwords.

Individual Control

  • access to all of the above features is via a control panel with a personal password and log–in.

Web Hosting Prices


£100 per year.

Occasionally we offer half–price hosting on our Small Business Package websites.

SSL Certificates

  • Shared SSL certificates: free!
  • Personal SSL certificates: £99 per year

Technical Details

For those with an unhealthy interest in such things, our server allows the use of:

  • PHP;
  • Perl CGI scripts;
  • MySQL databases;
  • Server–Side Includes.