Pay–Per–Click Advertising

Almost all businesses benefit from online advertising. Carefully monitored pay–per–click advertising, such as Google Adwords, is an efficient way of presenting your website to potential customers.

In businesses with a lot of online competition, pay–per–click advertising is often the only way to get your website noticed.

What is Pay–Per–Click Advertising?

Pay–per–click advertisements are the sponsored links you find on the pages of search results from Google, Yahoo and other search engines (unless you use an ad–blocker, of course).

How Does It Work?

Advertisers specify certain key words and phrases. When someone searches using those terms, the relevant advertisements appear.

The advertiser pays a fee to the search engine company:

  • each time the advertisement appears,
  • and each time someone clicks on one of these advertisements.

The more each advertiser is prepared to pay, the higher up their advertisement appears.

What are the Costs?

Pay–per–click charges typically vary from 10p per click to over £50 per click, depending on the type of business.

What are the Benefits?

Unlike most forms of advertising, you can alter the cost, frequency and content of your advertisements at any time. This flexibility allows you to match your budget to your target market very efficiently.

Is It Right for Me?

Not all businesses benefit from pay–per–click advertising. If you are in a very specialised field, you may well get to the top of the normal search engine rankings anyway.

On the other hand, if you are just one of a hundred companies selling the same type of product, you are very unlikely to be noticed without paying for the privilege.

Setting Up Your Account

In consultation with you, we will determine the ideal number of advertisements and keywords to suit your budget.

By analysing your website and the search engines’ rates for particular key words and phrases, we will decide

  • the best wording for your advertisement;
  • which words and phrases to nominate as your campaign’s keywords.

We charge £170 to set up your account. There may be an additional charge if you require a large number of advertisements and keywords.

Reviewing Your Account

Your campaign is competing against those of other advertisers, which constantly change. To keep up, you need to review your campaign regularly. At each review, we:

  • monitor the success of your pay–per–click keywords, adjusting them if necessary;
  • make improvements to the wording of your website and advertisement, if required;
  • and provide you with a detailed report showing you how well your keywords are performing.

The frequency of each review is entirely up to you; most pay–per–click campaigns benefit from a review every month or two months, but this will vary according to the type of business. Generally, the larger your advertising budget, the more often you should review the campaign.

We charge £30 per hour to review pay–per–click campaigns. Each review will normally take between three and six hours, depending on the scale of the campaign.