General Accessibility Features of Lab 99 Websites

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  • Images, except those used solely for decoration, will have labels (known as alt attributes) which will describe the images to those unable to see them.
  • Images will not be used to convey important information that can be conveyed in words. Where images are used to replace text, proper image replacement techniques will be used.
  • Adjacent navigation links will be separated by text or mark–up tags to make them comprehensible to screen readers.
  • Where necessary, links will have labels (known as title attributes) to describe their destination to visitors using screen readers.
  • Tables will be used to convey tabular information only, and not to provide structure to the layout.
  • Flashing or blinking elements will not be used, mainly because they can be dangerous to people with certain types of epilepsy, but also because they are gimmicks, and almost everyone finds them annoying. If you want to repel casual visitors from your site, one of the best ways to do it is to include flashing and blinking images!
  • Likewise, intensive animations will not be used. While they can be inoffensive in small doses, they frequently take ages to download, are purely decorative, and are inaccessible to visitors using screen readers or certain web browsers. Most visitors to your website will be searching for information, and won’t want to waste time; unhelpful distractions will cause them to leave in a hurry.